Advice For New Managers – Build Your Team

Most new managers inherit a variety of employees, a few of whom perhaps they would not have chosen. Some will have the knowledge, skills, and ability needed to drive the business forward. Others will not. Some may have aspired to your job, perhaps even have been told in the past that the job was virtually theirs. Others may have hidden agendas because you represent a potential threat to their positions. Often, a new manager finds their “senior team” is less than they hoped for.

If your assessments are negative, confront the dilemma of either staying with people who are less than what you need or making the necessary changes early in your tenure. The decision to remove a well-known formal or informal leader is among the most serious and complicated that any manager makes. But among the most common regrets managers have is not replacing key people once it becomes clear they are not the right fit. Do not let it happen to you.

Actions Have Consequences
Remember, however, that replacing people on your senior team is not as simple as letting someone go or reassigning them. If they have been with company for a long time, they will most likely have friends on the staff as well as subordinates who respect them. They may also have insights on aspects of the business that you are not aware of, especially if you are new to the company. So, consider the effects of replacing or reassigning staff on the rest of your staff.

Address The Issues Directly
You may find that you are able to address the issues with the person directly and either correct the issues or find out that the person may prefer to be reassigned. Done properly, this can demonstrate both a willingness to work with people and that issues are not allowed to linger. This can affect the attitudes of the other staff.

One Bad Apple Spoils The Bunch
If you are unable to correct the issues and have to block management companies st albans   remove them from the senior team, you may have the option to either let them go or reassign them. Consider how each choice will affect the company and the staff as well as how the person may interact with the other staff if they remain in the company. If their actions have indicated that they would still be a negative influence if they are reassigned, it may be better to remove them from the company altogether. Then either move someone else from your team into that position or start looking through the Professional Resumes and Executive Resumes and hire a replacement that is a good fit.

No Regrets
For you to function well as a manager and for your team to prosper, it is important that everyone within your team is able to work well within the team and that they have the skills needed to perform their job. Don’t ignore issues. Don’t become one of the many managers who regret not replacing key people who are not a good fit.

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