Love Through Time



He felt now that he wasn’t simply on the brink of her, but that he didn’t know where he ended and she or he began.” -Leo Tolstoy.

I agree that the majority things said about love are true. Whether by writer or doctor, artist or lawyer, beloved or not… Everything is true; a minimum of , for somebody .

After all, we all have different perspectives and beliefs.

When talking about love there’s no exception, if anything; love is that the one thing that’s as vast because the world itself, because the ocean and therefore the air, the atmosphere and beyond.  성인용품사이트

But what causes love? Does the cause-effect phenomenon apply thereto too? Could it’s that love is that the cause for love itself?

But then, it doesn’t make any sense to undertake to detect which one is that the cause and which one the effect since you cannot know when or where one begins and one ends. It doesn’t make any sense to undertake to work out the way to find it if it’s what you’ve got .

If you provides it , it’s because you’ve got it.

But you’ve got it because you provides it … otherwise you provides it because you’ve got it?

Maybe that is the magic about love. It’s never-ending.

It’s just like the sea stretching through the horizon. The water melts with the sky at the sunrise and at the sunset. you cannot know needless to say where the water ends and therefore the sky begins. The sun is that the only factor which will tell you where you stand, at the set or the increase .

“We picture love as heart-shaped because we don’t know the form of the soul.” -Robert Brault.

True or false?

I pick true.

What does a soul look like? Does it have a shape for instance? and therefore the heart? Who says love comes from the heart? And who says the mind is within the brain? Science doesn’t. Aren’t people always whining about anything that science doesn’t state isn’t true?

Nervous impulses come from the brain, and blood comes from the guts , that we are sure of. But love? Where do feelings come from?

I suppose imagining love sort of a heart is that the closest thing we will do to shape it.

But what if it came from all of ourselves? What if it had been in every a part of our being, of our body, in every cell? And what if it had been an equivalent with our mind and with our soul? Or better yet, what if all those things expanded even beyond our bodies, what if they were limitless and without an end?

What if?

And then i’m wondering , why do citizenry always got to shape things? to offer them a form we will understand?

One thing is obvious to me.

We are awfully frightened of even having the thought of something we do not understand, something shapeless, something we still have gotten to find out , something we do not really know the solution thereto we elect to offer those unknown things some shape that we will relate to the way we see the planet . And yet, giving something a specific shape won’t always make us know it and that is where fear steps in and fear results in hate, more often than not.

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