Mobile Home Park Due Diligence

At the point when you put a manufactured house park under agreement you will need to have a specification in the agreement that will permit you affirm what the dealer has said so far just as assess the general possibility of the buy. Due Diligence will take a gander at the physical, monetary, segment and market achievability of the task. This timespan is generally somewhere in the range of 30 and 60 days. In leading your due industriousness you are hoping to recognize whatever represents an expected issue and that you can change or fix. These normally manage the tidiness of the recreation center (garbage and waste accumulated), fumble, absence of rule implementation, assortments, expenses that can be decreased.

Yet, more critically you are searching for those issues that you will be unable to fix or that will be over the top expensive to fix. These sorts of issues generally manage the size of the parts, notoriety, issues in neighborhood market, flood fields, seepage issues, terrible setup of parcels, water, sewer, electric, and gas line issues Rv park Lubbock


In directing your due industriousness you may approach specialists in studying, bookkeeping, advertising, financing, plumbing, electrical, and lawful.

Request that the Seller furnish you with the accompanying (if appropriate):

  1. City, County and State Permits and Licenses
  2. Sewer Plant Records and Readings


  1. Water Well Tests and Compliance Records
  2. Existing Surveys or Environmental Reports
  3. Water and other Utility Meter Reading Records and Formulas
  4. Property charge bills for the last 2-3 years
  5. Duplicate of current protection strategy and fastener indicating charges and inclusions
  6. Current staffing list including position, compensation, sets of responsibilities
  7. Any drawings and guides of the recreation center and framework and size of parts
  8. Any Contracts that will be moved to purchaser at shutting (clothing, junk, telephone)
  9. Marked Rules and Leases for every inhabitant
  10. Bank Statements
  11. 2-3 years Tax Returns
  12. 2-3 years Profit and Loss
  13. Declarations of Occupancy
  14. Rundown of Capital Expenditures throughout the previous 3 years
  15. Posting of any ebb and flow park framework problems(water, sewer, gas, electric)
  16. Lease Roll with explicit homesite number, name of inhabitant, move-in date, month to month lease, current equalization, extra charges, number of tenants, and a short history of the occupant (great occupant/terrible occupant, extraordinary conditions, and so forth)
  17. Names and telephone quantities of the entirety of all temporary workers utilized over the most recent couple of years – handymen, circuit testers, propane, gas, roto rooters

As you are accepting this data from the Seller you will need to assess it with the other data you get from outside sources.

52 fundamental zones to cover in the Due Diligence time frame not really in any request:

  1. Park Location Issues: Is it sufficiently close to shopping, work, schools, transportation. Will potential occupants have the option to discover the recreation center?


  1. Flood Plain: Is the recreation center situated in a flood plain? Provided that this is true, when was the last time it has overflowed? On the off chance that the recreation center does flood, are the homes sufficiently high to stay unharmed? Do the mortgage holders have flood protection?
  2. As a rule, purchasing a recreation center in a long term or long term flood zone won’t return to haunt you. Nonetheless, you should comprehend the dangers in question. More often than not your leaseholders will simply need to convey flood protection and your loan specialist will require the equivalent for your structures and utility associations.
  3. Commotion Problems: Loud external clamor can regularly be an impediment for living in a specific manufactured house park. Being found near thruways or occupied roads and furthermore close by trains can be irritating to likely inhabitants.
  4. See whether the recreation center is needed to be authorized and if so it has the necessary permit. You will need to watch that the recreation center is working in consistence with the permit. In the event that a recreation center has 50 units yet is authorized for just 25, you may have likely issues. The permit might be given by the State, County, or Local specialists. Regularly it is given with the State Board of Health. A few urban areas have laws that express that if a specific level of the homes in a recreation center that has “grandfathered” zoning are obliterated, at that point those parcels won’t be permitted to be leased once more. This can occur from fire, twister, tropical storm, and so forth. Check the nearby codes.
  5. Survey any park investigation reports directed by the State Board of Health or other City/County controllers. In certain states, particularly those where licenses are required, the state does a yearly review and delivers a report with notification of any infringement. It is acceptable to see these infringement and be certain that they have been revised.
  6. In the event that you are thinking about employing the current administration you might need to have companions or partners settle on a couple of decisions to the property and perceive how the administration handles the calls. Additionally, on the off chance that you visit the administrator’s home and it isn’t kept up acceptable and they have a lot of rules for themselves it might be a sign that you should search for other administration.
  7. After you have the recreation center under agreement and normally after you have the proprietor’s authorization it is certainly a smart thought to talk with a portion of the current park inhabitants. They are typically loaded with data with regards to discovering how the recreation center is really working. You will regularly catch wind of water issues, sewer issues, and some other normal issues by conversing with the occupants.
  8. Another great wellspring of data would be the nearby manufactured home sellers. They as a rule think about the vast majority of the parks and can give you data on the parks notoriety, regardless of whether they have previously and will later on allude the recreation center to expected inhabitants, and so forth. You may likewise see whether they have exchange ins or other sensibly estimated homes available to be purchased.


  1. On the off chance that conceivable, you will need to visit the recreation center at different times, morning, early afternoon, after dim as you will have the option to consider the to be for what it’s worth. It is likewise fitting to see the recreation center during the week and on the ends of the week. This will give you a superior sign of stopping, inhabitance, lighting, just as commotion level.

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