Mobile uvc and PDA – Martin Fields Overlay Plus

With the presence of telephones with bigger screens and progressively top notch cameras showing up available, the need to secure the uncovered areas of the screen and the focal points of the cameras is getting progressively significant. In addition to the fact that scratches are unattractive, scratches to the screen can make text hard to peruse and scratches to camera focal points make the reason for the top quality camera silly. Clearly the disadvantage of simply utilizing screen defenders is that on the off chance that you drop your telephone it is just the screen and camera focal points that are secured, though with a full case there is assurance for the entire telephone.

Martin Fields Overlay Plus screen defenders are enthusiastically suggested by many end clients on different discussions and I chose to test the screen defender for myself, having as of late bought a Nokia N95 8GB, which albeit pleasantly structured, has an enormous screen and a handily harmed Carl Zeiss lens(The pack for the N95 incorporates assurance for the primary screen, the cameras and the camera streak).

First of all, the screen defender for the N95 retails for around £7 (Available from expansys UK), which is definitely not an enormous consumption for the insurance of such an important thing. In contrast to some less expensive screen defenders, the bundling is of acceptable quality and really incorporates guidelines (counting cleaning, reuse and application) and connections to recordings of the previously mentioned.

The screen defender itself has great  mobile UVC glue properties to the screen, there is no slippage at all and the material seems, by all accounts, to be exceptionally intense (it doesn’t misshape without any problem). At the point when applied, there is no conspicuous distinction to the thickness of the screen and it is without a doubt hard to tell whether there is really a screen defender introduced, improved because of the accuracy attack of the screen defender to the screen (0.2mm thickness). The equivalent can be said for the entirety of the camera focal points defenders.

The reflection on the screen from encompassing lighting conditions is decreased by the screen defender making text simpler to peruse in high light conditions, and the defender additionally squares 99% UV light (The UV channels lessen the strain on your eyes by blocking 99% of bright beams emanated from the LCD screen.)

The expansion of the defender to the camera focal point doesn’t seem to influence the nature of the picture (see above picture). As can be seen from the picture to one side, the focal point defender doesn’t generally influence the nature of the camera fundamentally.

All things considered I would suggest the Martin Fields Overlay Plus screen defender for its little effect on the general appearance of the telephone and capacities yet solid security for the screen and camera, and furthermore at the little cost tag for something that can be reused again and again no sweat.

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